Light's End




Language: C#

Light's End is a game that I created for Xbox Live Community Games on Xbox 360. It's a story-driven game in which you can become any character you meet.

I did all of the programming, design, music, dialog, and promotion for the game. I contracted help from an artist I found on deviantART for the raw art assets, but other than that, I was the sole developer. The game took about seven months to develop. Most of that time was dedicated to content. The core programming was done in two months, and only modest programming support for new features and bug fixes was needed over the rest of the life of the project.

Light's End is an experimental project, because nothing like it has been done before. I created it because it was the kind of game that I always wanted to play. I love a good story, I'm interested in philosophy, and I sometimes get tired of repetitive battle mechanics. Starting with these basic Ideas, I decided to make a game, and Light's End is the result. I'm very happy with how it turned out!

I composed all 20 songs in Light's End. They were created with Cubase and a Yamaha P-200 keyboard.

For lots more details about this awesome game including video, screenshots, music, story, and forums, visit the website I created for the game:



Language: ASP, VBScript, SQL, C++

Teragaia was a web based game in which players built towns, farms, and roads, dug lakes, and built mountains. They traded for gold or destroyed their neighbors to steal it. Everyone participated in the same world. Each game lasted 3 months, and whoever had the most gold at the end was the winner. It ran in your browser, so no download or installation was required.

I did everything for this game except the artwork, including the design and programming. The game ran off a Windows server in my apartment using Internet Information Services. It was programmed in ASP using VBScript, and used Microsoft Access SQL for database updates. There was also a C++ program that ran on the server to increase the energy and gold of each player every 15 minutes.

I created Teragaia during the summer of 2003. I continued to update and maintain it until 2007 when I lost the ability to run a server from my apartment due to an ISP change. At its peak, it boasted over 60 players and was a popular conversation topic at DigiPen.

Teragaia is something of a prototype for an MMO that I would love to see developed one day. The idea is that the world itself is shaped and defined by the people who live in it.

This was a great project because it taught me about many things that I wouldn't get from DigiPen games: Web programming, security, reliability, maintenance, policing, administrator rights, and keeping a player base.

3D Flier


Language: C++

3D Flier is a prototype for an idea I had to make a game that appeared 3D without the need for 3D glasses. It uses a technique similar to that used by the popular Magic Eye books. The player must stare past the screen, so that the two images from the player's two eyes match into one. The difference between the position of the objects in each image make them appear to move in and out of the screen. In this game, you must move the ship with the arrow keys to avoid the obstacles by flying above or below them.

This game was programmed in C++ using Windows API. It only took me a few days to make, and the artwork is my stereotypically ugly programmer art. But I thought it was such a cool concept that it was worth showing here!